Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miss North Carolina USofA 2009

Miss Gay USofA 2008 Kara Young Ross

The Miss North Carolina USofA pageant is being held tonight. The pageant was to take place at Scorpios in Charlotte, NC but due to winter weather is has been moved to Night Owls club in Gastonia.

They have 8 contestants tonight :
1. Tia Chanella 2. Monique Chanel 3. Essence Iman 4. Brooke Divine 5. Malayia Chanel 6. Raven Wood 7. Cheetah Vereon Shaw 8. Brianna Love

Interview and the stars show was last night and it was a packed house. Tonight the contestants will compete in gown and talent and pageant is set to start at 10pm.
Tonights entertainment lineup will include:
*Cierra Nichole Miss NC USofA
*Tiffany Bonet Miss NC USofA 1999 *Versage Miss NC USofA
*2003 Jessica Jade Miss NC USofA 2006
* Eden Parque Divine Miss NC USofA at Large 08
* Coco Couture Miss TN USofA at Large 08
* Contagious Love Mister Tarheel NC USofA MI
*Tim Allen - Mr. Bear Unlimited
*Alana Steele - Former Miss Indiana USofA 2001
Miss Gay USofA 2008 Kara Young Ross
Results : Winner : Brooke Devine
1st alternate : Raven Wood
The pageant was marked by drama. Due to bad winter weather, Club Scorpios in Charlotte had to close. People were then told by pageant owners that the pageant would not be held. That was then changed and told the pageant was back on and would be held at the pageant owners home club, Night Owls, in Gastonia. The club is about 30 miles from Charlotte. I do not know why they though the weather would improve. Most of Gastonia was in the dark due to a blackout from the storm. The six contestants that did make it, were told that they would have to compete in the dark without any heat in the club. Flashlights would be used and a truck was pulled up to the side door and was going to be used to play music from the truck radio for the contestants. I am not making this mess up. Evening Gown was held in the dark. The power did come back on in time for talent.
Miss North Carolina USofA was once a very successful preliminary to Miss Gay USofA. They use to have around 20 to 30 contestants compete, but it has been straight downhill since the new owners took over. It would not surprise me if the pageant changes hands for next year.

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