Monday, April 13, 2009

Miss Continental Plus 2009 CoCo Van Cartier

Miss Continental Plus 2009 CoCo Van Cartier
1st Alternate : Amaila Black
2nd Alternate : Kofi
*Final Night Recap*
Opening production was "Dancing with the Stars"
Formers In Attendance :Tajma Hall, Desiree DeMournay, Amaya, Chevelle Brooks, Dena Cass, Angel Sheridan, Terri Williams, Victoria Parker, Tamara Mahourning, Victoria LePaige
#1--September Murphy - Swimsuit: Black & White flowered suit with a red waist (Same as Prelim) / Talent: Cinderella with 5 backups(Same as Prelim) / Gown: Black Velvet gown with beaded and stoned lace on the left side with black foxtails (Same as Prelim)
#2--Kitty Litter - Swimsuit: Black suit with a rhinestone clip at the waist /Talent: EOY "The Wiz Talent" / Gown: Turquoise JD Martin gown with stonework across the bodice ,chiffon scarves hanging from her arms.
#3--Farra N Hyte - Swimsuit: Nude suit with purple rectangles across the bodice, stone work on the bodice / Talent: Can Can Talent from prelim night / Gown: Top portion was nude illusion with stoned flowers that came from the shoulder in a line down to the waist, the bottom of the gown was done in a light mint green fabric.
#4--Whitney Paige - Swimsuit: Halter suit done in different shades of brown rectanglles / Talent: I was born for this into "Good Luck" / Gown: Blue and brown gown with stone work on the top with a ruffled bottom
#5--Kofi - Swimsuit: Hot Pink wrap style suit with a pink and yellow coverup / Talent: "Part of your World" into Linda Eders I want more / Gown: Red Gown with bead/stone work around the neck then trailed down the left side of the gown in the elongated harlequin patter (The stones were Red, Pink, Yellow & Orange.
#6--CoCo Van Cartier - Swimsuit: White Suit with an "Aztec" print on the breasts with a matching belt (The aztec print was done in brown & turquoise) / Talent: "Don't Leave Me This Way" / Gown: Emerald green fabric gown form fitted to about the knee, trumpet bottom
#7--Summer Breeze - Swimsuit: ? Talent: Sang "I Will Always Love You" / Gown: Red beaded and stoned lace gown, with a red chiffon train.
#8--Noel Leon - Swimsuit: White suit with a white chiffon wrap / Talent: "Push the Buttons" (Same as prelim night) / Gown: Canary yellow gown that was beaded & stoned, bottom of the gown had a single "wrap" of yellow chiffon (about at the knee).
#9--Amelia Black - Swimsuit: Simple black suit / Talent: ? / Gown: Pink beaded and stoned gown with large pink and white ruffles that went from the bottom of the gown, up the front and wrapped around her neck.
#10--Allison Knight -Swimsuit: Turquoise suit with a matching waist wrap, stone work on the bottom of the wrap / Talent: "Love Dominates" with 2 dancers / Gown: Black gown with beautiful stoned flowers along the trumpeted bottom of the gown.
#11--Terry DeMour - Swimsuit: Black suit with tan "Arrows" on the left side of the suit, also had a "scarf" that was built onto the suit that wrapped around her neck / Talent: live stand up comedy / Gown: Baby blue empire waist gown with stonework under the breast (Same gown as prelims)
#12--Roxxxy Andrews - Swimsuit: Leopard print swimsuit / Talent: "Crazy" solo talent number / Gown: She had on a white coat with stone work around the breast area, an escort removed the coat and Roxxy walked out in a white liquid beaded gown with an ostrich feather bottom.


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