Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss Texas Continental 2009

Miss Texas Continental 2009 was held June 25th at Heat in San Antonio, Texas. They had four contestants :

01. Rachel Mykels
02. Raquel Ross0
3. Jade Mykels
04. Michelle DeMarco

Winner : Raquel Ross
1st Alternate : Rachel Mykels

The legendary Miss Tommie Ross & Miss Texas Continental 2009 Raquel Ross

The pageant was very close.Rachel Mykels and Raquel Ross both tied for interview with 65 pts., and Rachel Ross beat Raquel in gown by 1 pt., in swim wear by 2 pts., and in Q&A by 1 pt. and Raquel won Talent by 16 pts.

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Jessica De Leon said...

Cool! She's gorgeous :)er