Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miss Continental 2009/2010

The Miss Continnetal pageant will get underway tomorrow with preliminary competition.
There are 25 contestants. Some big names who I thought would make top 5 have dropped out. They include Lady Angelica, Melania Cortez (top 5 last year) and Lorna Vando.
So far, I have the following contestant numbers :
#2 Mokha
#22 Tiffany McCray
#23 Tiffany T. Hunter
#24 Armani
#25 Aurora Sexton
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Preliminary night has started :
Evening Gown
Aspen Love : Pink draped fabric gown with silk ribbons, very slow modeling
Mokha Montrese : blue stoned gown ruffeled bottom
Jazelle : Green beaded stoned gown
Courtney Black AB gown
Monique : yellow ruffled fabric gown
Kim Moore : Gold and blue print gown...beautiful
Raquel Ross : Moss gren gown..not the best choice
Mirage Love : Champagne solid beaded gown..great modeling
Sunny : Blue fabirc stoned gown..looks like she was floating across stage..the crowd lived for her
Alyssa Edwards : Huge purple ruffled ball gown..had trouble walking..
Batty Davis : Lavender gown trumpet bottom...
Paula Rios : Emerald trumpet ruffle bottom..very beautiful
Swimwear :
Aspen Love : plain black ..simple accessories
Mokha : Blue silk..rhinestone accents
Jazelle : Black problems
Courtney : Black suit...served it...
Monique : Aqua suit with shoulder accessory
Kim Moore : Black one so far...body, body, body...
Raquael : black suit w/ ribbon
Mirage : white with black stripes
Sunny : Grey suit with lace middle...great modeling
Alyssa : Black suit..looked a bit large..
Batty : leopard
Paula : pink white checkered
Talent :
Aspen : sang live
Mokha : dance on pointe..six dancers..standing ovation
Jazelle : scat talent.perfect lip synch..second standing ovation
Kourtney : Heart belongs to daddy...not the best from Kourtney
Monique Green : In Living Color / Whitney cocaine number..doesn't know all the words
Kim Moore : Latin dance number..five backup synch..she looked awesome..(she should make top 10 easily)
Raqueal : solo talent..sunset blvd..
Mirage Love : school teacher talent/when I grow up..five backup dancers...
Sunny : four backup dancers..let the sunshine in..mixed different songs
Alyssa : acting male dancer...ballet dancing talent...celine 'then you look at me'..lots of lifts..very good
Batty : I want more into Big Time
Paula : Mexican sombrero talent..she left the stage for like the last two minutes of the talent..she has a rope twirler who is twirling a rope around stage around her..she is just kinda hopping in is coming thru the speakers very bad...poor talent.
Former Miss Continentals entertainment..
Dana Douglas, Lakesha Lucky, Chanel Dupree
Group 2
Armani : liquid beaded black and crystal gown like continental logo..came out with logo in front of her on panel..
Aurora Sexton : royal purple and lavender gown...
Minx : Deep purple / black gown
Nyasha Lopez : Pink ruffle gown...long train..Christian Dior gown of night
Jennifer H. : beautiful orange gown..trained ripped away to a stoned gown...
Bianca Balenciaga : floral
Olivia Knowles : black rouged gown..crystal stone accents
Janet Andrews : black fitted gown..crystal stones...
Shantel DeMarco : gold leopard gown..big hair
Rachel Michaels : black gown
Tiffany McCray : agua gown..fits well...
Tiffany Hunter : Nina DeAngelos preliminary gown from another pageant..beautiful
Armani Stevens :
Swimwear next...
Minx : black with flower
Nyasha : black with huge stones..worked it..standing ovation..
Jennifer : white with circle sutouts..
Bianaca : black with crystal belt
Olivia : black / blue checkered
Janet : black one piece square cut
Rachael : red with matching hat
Tiffany McCray : black with see thru middle panel
Tiffany Hunter : blue/purple floral with wrap..
Armani Stevens : white with w/ aqua accessories
Aurora : aqua and brown with slashed texture
Talent next....
Minx : Bollywood talent..not bad
Naysha : rock with you / janet jackson talent in her group so far..she is among 4 that I think could win it all...
Jennifer : tribal drum talent...feathers for days....
Bianca : diamonds are forever
Olivia : Pocahontas talent
Janet : Beyonce mix talent
Shantel : acrobatic / vogue / techno dance mix
Racheal Michaels : Shirley Bassey / Joan Crawford mix
Tiffany McCray : Lucille Ball vita-vegamin talent
Tiffany Hunter : Steam heat six backup dancers
Armani : happy feet penguin talent
Armani Stevens :
Aurora Sexton : nine backup dancers flying on and off stage / on top of the world..great talent
Monday night is the finals. I think there will be a top 10. Some contestants change up their gowns and talents for final night.
Here is my picks for the top 10 based just on preliminary night :
Mohka, Alyssa Edwards, Aurora Sexton, Tiffany McCray, Naysha Lopez, Armani, Shantel DeMarco, Kim Moore, Sunny & Janet Andrews
My top 5 picks (unless something big happens during final night competition) would be :
Mohka, Naysha Lopez, Armani, Kim Moore & Aurora Sexton
I think the final winner will be between Naysha and Kim Moore.

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