Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miss Continental 2009 Preliminary Night

Miss Continental 1999 Tommie Ross

Miss Continental 1991 Amber Richards

Miss Continental 1986 Tandi Andrews

Here is the first update :

Tulsi :
Talent - 'I Wanna Be A Rockette' from the Broadway play 'A Chorus Line'. She had back up dancers as the Rockettes. I have always thought that this would be a great talent to do.

Nysha Lopez :
Swimsuit : Very fish
Talent : Wizard of Oz then went into Fashionista. I think Fashionista has been overdone in pageants.

Sasha Colby:
Talent : Did a dance number. Very good. She has been one of the best contestants tonight. She should make top 10.

Tamisha Iman :
Talent : She did 'Mr. Melody'. It has been reported that it was ok. Tamisha is a former Miss Gay USofA

Amy Demilo:
Talent : 'Gypsey Rose Lee'. Amy's performance tonight has been ok, nothing great.

Chantel Demarco :
She has done very good tonight. She should make top 10.


Jasmine Bonet :

Evening Gown : Solid red fabric beaded gown

Swimsuit : Basic black. Jasmine usually does very well in swimsuit.

Talent : Diana Ross mix. Screen on stage has photos of Jasmine from her years at Miss Continental. Necole Luv Dupree did a Diana Ross & The Supremes talent last year and won. I am not sure how the judges may view such a similar talent. Who knows ?

Competiton is still going on, but here are my picks for Top 10 tomorrow :

Jasmine Bonet

Sasha Colby


Tamisha Iman

Kathryn Cole

Amy Demilo

Naysha Lopez

Titiana Braxton

Michelle Fighter

Kylie Crawford

This is just my guess. There could be a surpirse or two.

The pageant is being held at Park West in Chicago, Illinois. Miss Continental has one preliminary night, which is tonight. Tomorrow night will be the final night when the top 10 is announced. The final night pageant is supposed to start at 8 pm. CST.

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