Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miss North Carolina America 2008

The Miss North Carolina America pageant is underway tonight in Charlotte, NC at Scorpio's nightclub.

They have 6 contestants tonight :

01 Victoria Parker

02 Shana Nicole

03 Erika Diamond

04Ericka LaShea

05 Amanda Blake

06 Angela Lopez

We will keep you updated....Good Luck Ladies & Welcome Back Miss North Carolina !
Update : Victoria Parker did 'Love In Any Language' for talent. (Is this like the 100th time she has done this talent for a pageant. I remember her doing this when I lived in NC over 10 years ago ! LOL)
Update : Winner : Miss Gay North Carolina America 2008 Victoria Parker.....1st Alternate Shana Nicole
1. Erica Diamond
2. Shana Nicole
3. Amanda Blake
4. Victoria Parker
5. Angela Lopez
6. Erica LaReese
On Stage Question: Victoria and the rest were really unmentionable.
Evening Gown Recap :
#2 Shana Nicole's gown was a watermelon color with a collar.
#3 Amanda's gown was lovely, but cat tails do not go over very well in the America system.
#4 Victoria's gown was yes the same she wore at America last year. The fit was not good as well as she had some makeup issues tonight.
#5 Angela's gown was a lovely gown.
Talent Recap :
#2 Best Little Whore House and Shana had a breast plate of Dolly Death. Nice job!
#3. Cotton Club medly. Started out very good, then it just kinda got lost. The moves were good, but the energy died.
#4 Dreamgirls. It was what it was. The coat did come apart early and the fit was not good when she removed the coat.
#5. Beyonce, very dirty as in not clean.

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