Thursday, September 25, 2008

ANTM Episode 5 Recap



On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, Clark and a few other girls in the house banded together to say that they hoped Isis would be the one to get eliminated. Hannah felt fed up with the way that Analeigh and Marjorie stressed about their chances of getting eliminated. It seems that the girls are starting to get a little sick of each other. No worries because tonight was a double elimination so two models are headed home. Between blind runway competitions and using only their eyes for their photo shoot, the models were definitely challenged tonight.

Bow Legs

Tonight, the girls met up with Miss J . at a bowling alley, who was ready with pairs of modified bowling shoes. One by one, each model makes the alley their runway, showing off how well they can walk in heels on a slippery floor. Miss J. criticized Samantha for her bow legs and even bowled a ball through her legs as she stood still at the end of the alley!

The Blind Leading The Blind

The girls were excited to learn that tonight would be their first runway challenge, walking for Jeremy Scott. However, they were hit with two pieces of shocking news. First, they’d be walking blindfolded and second, one of them would be eliminated right after the runway show. Joslyn won the challenge and for her prize, she gets to do a Seventeen photo shoot wearing clothes designed by Kira Plastenina. She chooses two friends to come along, bringing Isis and Sheena. Hannah is eliminated because Mr. Jay says he can’t keep a model in the competition who doesn’t have a strong walk.

Smile With Your Eyes

We’ve heard Tyra say it time and time again: “smile with your eyes”. Tonight, the models literally had to do just that. With Nigel Barker shooting them, the girls had to climb into a pool and only show their face from the middle of the nose up. Clark came alive and won the photo challenge, with her picture being displayed in the Top Model house as digital art for the next week. Other standout performances came from Analeigh and Lauren Brie. Isis and Samantha were left in the bottom two. Isis was there because she has gotten sleepier with each passing week and Samantha is there for offending Jeremy Scott by lifting up her dress on the runway. Tyra gives Samantha another shot but says goodbye to Isis.

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