Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DragShowcase Interview - Nadine Hughes

Can you to tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from?
My name is Nadine Hughes and I'm 23 years old...I live here in Austin and love spending time with my friends and supportive family.My love is to compete and hopefully soon to be the next Miss Gay Texas USofA at large.

Who helped you or inspired you the most when you first started your career as an entertainer?
Its actually a funny story.....I just did it once as a dare and entered a amateur contest and won! CC Burns asked me to join the cast and I fell in love with being on stage and hearing the sound of people applauding! If it wasn't for CC i don't think it would have been a career.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?
My success at such a young age....My second year competing in the country's most prestigious state pageant and getting 1st runner up and a bid to go to Miss USofA @ Large.

What pageant systems have you competed in and what titles have you held?
I have competed in The USofA and America systems.....I was Miss Austin UsofA, Miss Austin America, Miss Austin UsofA @ Large, Miss Houston USofA @ Large

What was your first pageant and how was that experience?
My first pageant was Miss Austin USofA and it was great!There were 5 contestants and i won every category!!!!!!

Do you have a Drag Mother or any Drag Daughters ?
No drag Mother but I have a son,Michael Hughes who is the current Mr.Hot Body Texas.....I'm so proud!!!!

Are you a full time entertainer or do you have a second career?
Full Time

Where would someone be able to see you perform?
Rain on 4th, Oilcan Harry's and other venues around Texas....

What are some of your favorite cities either to perform in or just visit?
Dallas...Chicago...New York...and maybe San Antonio...lol

Who are some of your favorite designers and where do you like to shop for clothes ?
I don't know.....I love all the norms...but I love having one of a kinds.......

Describe what a normal day in your life is like?
Really? its pretty boring....Wake up, watch tv, pick my child up from work(drag son)hang out, EAT , EAT, EAT, and then go downtown!

Favorite Movie(s) ? The Wizard of OZ
Favorite Singer(s) Cher Favorite Song(s)?Over the Rainbow
Favorite Television show(s) past or present? The Nanny...Golden Girls...Reba...Project Runway..Top Model, General Hospital...All my Children...Girls Next Door

In closing, what would you like to say to your fans?
Lol well......I really appreciate all the support and promise that there is so much more to come from me in the future......I love you all!!!!!

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