Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miss Gay USofA at Large 2009

Miss Gay USofA at Large is being held this weekend in San Antonio, Texas. We will have updates throughout the weekend. Registration is today.
Contestant List
1 Eryka Knowles
2 Olivia J Belle
3 Adina Ronee
4 Kara Belle
5 Martina Shakers
6 Coco Couture
7 Ivy White
8 Alyssa Williams
9 Bianca LeBlanc
10 Amaya
11 Brooklyn Bisette
12 Alexis Stevens
13 Daniel Whitney
14 Athena Vanderbilt kline
15 Alexis Nicole Whitney
16 Mia Inez Adams
17 Mo'Nique Chanel
18 Lindsay Paige
19 Armani Nicole Davenport
20 Jozlyn Welch
21 Donet McKim
22 Mizery
23 Payje Turner
25 Jasmine Skiies
26 Elizabeth Rains
27 Cassandra Paige Jones
28 Jocelyn Summers
29 Tempest Heat
30 Eden Parque Divine
31 Vivica Dupree
32 Katrina Davenport-Dupree
33 Patricia Mason
34 Samantha DeSante
35 Tajma Hall
36 Diedra Windsor Walker
Night 1 is now over.
Evening Gown Standouts :
01. Ivy White - Multi colored, sweetheart cut.
02. Lindsey Paige - Red/Black Beaded.
03. Amaya - Black Nude Sweetheart cut into black ice/stoned.
04. M. Chanel - Pink Stoned at top, layers of ruffled fabric at bottom.
05. Alexis N. Whitney- Red Christina Ross Gown with gold pattern.
06. ALyssa Williams - Lace pattern made of stones, sweetheart that had a opera type coat wth train.
Talent Standouts :
01.Payje Turner - Disney Theme where she draws on a clipboard and the face on the board sings with her.
02. Armani Davenport---Last Dance, duet with Kelexis.
From all that I have heard Taj Mahal was the overall best contestant.
Group Category Winners
Group 1
Interview Alyssa Williams
Gown Alyssa Williams
Talent Ayssa Williams
Group 2
Interview Amaya
Gown Amaya
Talent Alexis Nicole Whitney
Group 3
Interview Donet McKim
Gown Armani Nicole Davenport
Talent Payje Turner & Armani Nicole Davenport (tie)
Group 4
Interview Tajma Hall
Gown Tajma Hall
Talent Tajma Hall
Most Beautiful Award : Athena Vanderbilt Kline
Hospitality Award : Bob Taylor - Miss Florida USofA At Large & The Miss Kansas USofA At Large pageant
Best New State Prelim - Miss Arkansas USofA At Large
Best New Regional Prelim - Miss Super Nova USofA At Large
Best State Prelim - Miss Texas USofA At Large
Prelim of the Year - Miss Virginia Regional USofA At Large
Promoter of the Year - Brian Goins, Miss Tennessee USofA At Large
Best Non-Finishing Finalist : Lindsay Paige
Top 12 Announced !!
1. Cassandra Paige Jones
2. Payje Turner
3. Ivy White
4. Adina Ronee
5. Mia Inez Adams
6. Mizery
7. Donet McKim
8. Samantha DeSante
9. Tajma Hall
10. Alexis Nicole Whitney
11. Alyssa Williams
12. Armani Nicole Davenport
Amaya, a former Miss Continental Plus, did not make the top 12 after winning both evening gown and interview in her group. I have heard that her preliminary night talent was a mess. She tried to do a stand up comedy routine that was reported to be not funny and some found offensive.
Taj Mahal did her Continental talent .She received a standing ovation. Alyssa Williams did Mary Katherine ("SuperStar") talent. Samantha DeSante did a talent with X-Men characters. Ivy White did a Monique comedy talent

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