Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Memory of Miss America 1954 Evelyn Ay

"Please join me as we bid a fond farewell to one of our most beloved former Miss Americas, Miss America 1954 Evelyn Ay. Evelyn passed away this past weekend, and she will be forever in our hearts.
Evelyn was the last Miss America to be crowned before the televised crownings, representing the end of an era. The daughter of German immigrants, Evelyn resided in Ephrata, Pennsylvania; located in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Upon her crowning, her father announced, "This could happen only in America!" She went on to marry her pre-pageant fiancé, Carl Sempier, raising two daughters, her Great Dane dogs, and two grandchildren.
Over the years, Evelyn has continued to be a great supporter of The Miss America Organization. Of the program she said, "Serving an organization that provides scholastic opportunity to women nationwide validates my long and devoted affiliation." To this day, Evelyn was best known as an enchanting and captivating speaker.
Evelyn was a remarkable Miss America and a dedicated individual - committed to our Organization who has forever touched our hearts. We offer our condolences and prayers to Evelyn’s family at this time of true sorrow."

This was from the Miss America Organization

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