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Miss Gay America 2009

Miss Gay America 2008 Mikaila Kay
The Miss Gay America 2009 pageant is now underway in St. Louis, Missouri. It runs from October 8th thru the 12th.
48 contestants
Group 1 Gown and Solo Talent tonight.
1. Jessica Devereaux
2. Helin Bed
3. Tiffany Devereaux
4. Anita Cocktail
5. Sache Van Cartier
6. Deja Brooks
7. Zia D'Yor
8. Miss D. Meanor
9. Chantel Andrews
10. Chantel Rashae
11. D Dupree St. James
12. Adrienne Fisher
13. Alyssa Edwards
14. Sasha Nicole
15. Britney O'Brien
16. Victoria Jaymes
Group 2 Gown tonight
17. Anastacia Davenport
18. Stephanie Richards ( I think that there are two contestants with this name)
19. Sierra Leone
20. China Collins
21. Alexis Mateo
22. Karyn Thomas
23. Tabbi Katt
24. Stephanie Love
25. tatianna Voche
26. Ivy White
27. Coco Montrese
28. Coti Collins
29. Victoria Depaula
30. Lady Jade
31. Sue Nami
32. Jessica Jade
Group 3 Interview today
33. Sparkle Iman
34. Victoria Parker
35. Melody Michaels
36 Crystal Chambers
37. Symphony Alexander Love
38 Chantel Mandalay
39. Stephanie Richards
40 Fierce
41. Alana Steele
42. Vicky Dominatrix
43. Jessica Spaulding
44. Dottie
45. Kristina Kelly
46. Sally Sparkles
47. Sasha Leigh Chambers
48. Domiana Dupree St. James (I think she is in this group)
The judges include former Miss Gay Americas Hot Chocolate and Patti La Plae Safe.
Wednesday-October 08, 2008 Preliminary Competition-Day ONE
Group 1 Evening Gown
Group 1 Solo Talent
Group 2 Male Interview
Group 3 Talent
Thursday-October 09, 2008 Preliminary Competition-Day TWO
Group 2 Evening Gown
Group 2 Solo Talent
Group 3 Talent
Group 1 Male Interview
Friday-October 10, 2008 Preliminary Competition-Day THREE
Group 3 Evening Gown
Group 3 Solo Talent
Group 2 Male Interview
Group 1 Talent
Saturday-October 11, 2008 Miss Gay America Revue Show
8 p.m. Millennium Hotel Grand Ballroom
Sunday-October 12, 2008 Miss Gay America Final
6 p.m. Millennium Hotel Grand Ballroom
Preliminary Night One is done.
The MC's were Catia Lee Love, Rachael Erikks & Nicole Dubois.
Here is some of the buzz on the internet :
Evening Gown
01. Jessica Devereaux - wore a pick Coco, great fit, may be best in her group.
02. Helin Bed- gold beaded gown, trumpet bottom, fabric bottom, fit was good.
03. Tiffany Devereaux- purple silk with stones.
04. Anita Cocktail- blue and white liquid beaded.
05. Sache Van Cartier- pink gown, stone at top, fabric bottom, beautiful hair.
06. Deja Brooks- Black Velvet with stones
07. Zia Diore- Light blue velvet.
08. Miss D Meanor- Black and white beaded CoCo with liquid beading in bodice, very short gown.
09. Shawn Tyler Andrews- green stone gown, fit issue in back.
10. Chantel Rashae- red fabric gown, red stone. Hair was a large up-do.
11. D. Dupree St. James - blue stone gown
12. Adrienne Fisher - Black fabric sleeveless, flower on front.
13. Alyssa Edwards- J D. Martin from Continental, looked very fish. Great modeling.
14. Sasha Nicole - Lavender liquid beaded gown, good fit.
15. Britney O'Brien- Black Coco gown.
16. Victoria B. Jaymes- pink stone gown, fit was good.
Solo Talent
01. Jessica Devereaux - Big Time talent
02 . Helin Bed - 'I've been everywhere' clogging talent.
03. Tiffany Devereaux - Juila Sugarbaker 'Designing Women' Night the lights went out in Georgia talent.
04. Anita Cocktail - 3 numbers while dressed as Elvis ?
05. Sache Van Cartier - ?
06. Deja Brooks - I Got the Music in Me
07. Zia Diore - ?
08. Misty D. Meanor - Little Mermaid. Her costume was a giant prop , which included the rock and tail. It was cute, but this talent has been done so much.
09. Shawn Tyler Andrews - Gospel talent, Yolanda Adams "The Battle in not Yours"
10. Chantel Rashae - Snow White talent
11. D. Dupree St. James - Latin mix
12. Adrienne Fisher
13. Alyssa Edwards - Did a big dance number. One of the best talents in her group.
14. Sasha Nicole - Raise the roof dance number ?
15. Britney O'Brien -Rocky Top
16. Victoria Jaymes- did her "Geer" detergent skit
Long Talent
Group 2 Talent
17. Anastacia Davenport- Ella Skat Talent
18. Maya Alexander- ?
19. Sierra Leone - Patti LaBelle mix
20. China Collin- solo Tina Turner mix
21. Alexis Mateo- a Celin Dion song in english and spanish, had on a lovely chiffon dance outfit, hair was beautiful, it was very continental. She is someone to look out for. I predict major things in her career.
22. Karyn Thomas- ?
23. Tabbi Katt- disco mix
24. Stephanie Lane- Gypsy Rose Lee, Bette talent
25. T Voche - 42nd St., tapped danced, very good
26. Ivy White- Skit where she is a maid, talking about her boss is the star, while cleaning she is stealing her jewery and the tempo gets faster and faster, very good talent.
27. Coco Montrese- Solo Janet Jackson talent.
28. Coti Collins - she did her illusion of Cher, Liza and Judy. Three costume changes with the help of two dressers. Done very well. I am not sure, I think we all knew she would do this style talent.
29. Victoria Depaula- she did 'Wicked'. She has done this talent now 3 years in a row.
30. Lady Jade- ?
31. Sue Nami - Happy Feet with about 12 backup dancers. Not the same as Armanis.
32. Jessica Jade- Chicago murders row talent. She did all the characters with different wig changes. very good.
Not alot of great new talents. No talents like Armani's 'Penguin' or Nina West's 'Mary Poppins' talents at EOY. Lets hope tomorrow night that people step up the game.
Preliminary Night Two
Standouts :
*Anastacia Davenport: Red and White Coco, nice hair, good modeling.
*China Collins: Silver "starbust" gown. Gorgeous.
*Alexis Mateo: Lime green bustier dress with "bubble" skirt starting at the knee. *Ivy White: Bustier style dress, black underneath, stoned and then stoned somemore.
*Coco Montrese: Halter style sequined gown, with black band at the waist.
*Coti Collins: Blue stoned gown she wore final night the year Lucious won. * *Victoria DePaula: Platinum Kayne Gillespie gown with a lot of stone work. *Jessica Jade: Black nude illusion shoulder and sleeves with black gown stoned down.
China Collins: Janet mix with teal and silver jumpsuit with knee length solid teal jacket.
*Alexis Mateo: Alicia Keys illusion. Great look and costume, well performed. Clean.
*Tatiyanna Voche: "Got to Have a Gimmick" from Gypsy.
*Ivy White: "When You're Good to Momma" from "Chicago" Well done.
*Coco Montrese: Started off dressed as a little girl, then ripped off dress and went into "When I Grow Up" and burned up the stage hoofing it.
*Coti Collins: A mini version of her long talent from last year's MGA, complete with the three costume changes.
*Victoria DePaula: A slightly modified version of her Siamese twin solo talent .
*Jessica Jade: "Hero" into "Wonder Woman" into "Womans Got the Strength" Great costume and hair.
Standouts :
*Melody Michaels: "Chicago" mix.
*Symphony Alexander Love: Mix of the "Designing Woman" pageant speech into a dance and baton twirling act.
*Alana Steele: "Vogue" mixed in "My Lipgloss" with 4 back up dancers. Creative mix, nice choreography.
*Jade Sinclair: "Vogue" with 8 back up dancers. Very good production.
*Dottie: Mad TV skit about a lady taking dance lessons. Very funny.
*Kristina Kelly: Joan Crawford on crack. This talent was very EOY style, I am not sure how it will go over here at Miss Gay America.
Preliminary Night 3
33. Sparkle Iman- Sleeveless Black cracked ice gown with gold design all over gown.
34. Victoria Parker- The gold and silver Coco Vega from her first year.
35. Melody Michaels -wore Rachel Erikks green Coco Vega, short in front, great hair.
36. Crystal Chambers- yellow and orange sleeveless gown.
37. Symphony A. Love- Gold bugle beaded gown, great fit.
38. Chantel Mandalay-Royal blue satin fabric gown, with white stone accents, train.
39. Stephanie Richards- dark blue or black velvet.
40. Jalisa Fierce- Lavender/purplish gown, Alicia Markstones gown from USofA Classice about 2 years ago.
41. Alana Steele- black mesh, encrusted with black, red and purple stones all over the gown. The fit was perfect. The audience loved it.
42. V Dominetrix- ?
43. Jade Sinclair- Teal/green gown, bugle beaded, nice hair.
44. Dottie- Blue liquid beaded gown.
45. Sierra Spaulding- Nude lace/black velvet, it had fit issues.
46. Kristina Kelly- Red stone dress, with trumpet bottom, red fabric bottom, white flower design in front.
47. Sally Sparkles- Gold bugle beaded gown.
48. Sasha Leigh Chamber- great fit, lovely gown.
Solo Talent
*Sparkle Iman- Take your problems to the dance floor.
*Victoria Parker- Aretha's THINK, wearing a red fringe outfit. clean, entertaining ,she danced out.
*Melody Michaels- ?
*Crystal Chambers- Reba, costume change.
*Symphony A. Love- Sister Act as Whoopi Goldberg.
*Stephanie Richards- Signed to "One Night Only"
*Jalisa Fierce- I'm Changing
*Alana Steele- Britney mix, well executed, clean and very entertaining
*V. Dom- Miss Doubtfire, funny
*Jade Sinclair- ?
*Dottie- Natalie Cole
*Sierra Spaulding- Danced to I'm out of Love, high energy.
*Kristina Kelly- Gospel number, she showed the judges that she can dance and move.
*Sally Sparkles- Broadway mix (Legally Blond ?)
*Sasha L. Chambers- Designing Women "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" talent.
Long Talents
*Jessica Devereaux- Dance mix, "when I grow up" Jessica danced her ass off.
*Helin Bed- Little doll talent ?
*Tiffany Devereaux- LEGALLY BLOND
*Anita Cocktail- Grease
*Sache Van Cartier- Dreamgirls, it was clean and well executed.
*Deja Brooks- Hair Spray
*Zia Diore- Jazz number.
*Miss D Meanor- Dance Mix.
*Chantel Rashae - What Lola Wants, Lola Gets"
*Alyssa Edwards - African tribal mix, great costumes. Danced the house down. *Victoria B. Jaymes- ?
This concluded preliminary competition. Tomorrow night will be the former Miss Gay Americas Revue Show. The finals will be on Sunday night.
These contestants I think will make top 10 :
*Alyssa Edwards (former Miss Gay USofA, maybe the best dancer in the group, she knows how to work a gown)
*Coti Collins (Although she is still doing Reba, I think she will move on. I just do not think she will win. I would love to see her do something different)
*Alexis Mateo (A name to remember, has been very clean,consistent, and beautiful)
*Alana Steele (maybe the best gown so far)
*Ivy White
*Symphony A. Love
*Kristina Kelly
*Victoria DePaula ( I really hope that she will do something other than "Wicked" if she makes top 10)
*China Collins (very nice gown, she needs to ramp it up)
I think there are a few who could take the last spot:
*Sally Sparkle
*Victoria Parker
*Chantel Reshae
*Tatiyanna Voche
*Coco Montrese
Good Luck Sunday Night Ladies !!!

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