Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miss Gay America 2009 Final Night

Miss Gay America 2009 Final Night Category Winners :
Interview Winner : Chantel ReShae
Solo Talent : Coti Collins
Question & Answer : Chantel ReShae
Evening Gown : Alyssa Edwards
Talent Winner : Tatiyanna Voche'
Miss Gay America 2009 Top 10
01 Alyssa Edwards

02 Chantel ReShae

03 Coti Collins

04 Victoria DePaula

05 Sue Nami

06 Alana Steele

07 China Collins

08 Tatiyanna Voche'

09 Jade Sinclair

10 Jessica Jade


I am sort of surprised Ivy White did not make top 10. Very surprised Alexis Mateo did not. She should have been in. Sally Sparkles was a breath of fresh air in this pageant. She should have been in above some that brought the same old tired package year after year. Victoria Parker did not bring her A game. Why go to a national pageant just to walk thru it. It seemed like she barely tried.

In the Miss Gay America system, preliminary scores for interview and solo talent are carried over into the final night competition.

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