Friday, May 22, 2009

Miss Gay USofA 2009 Stasha Sanchez

Miss Gay USofA 2009 Stasha Sanchez

1st Alternate : Natasha Braxton
2nd Alternate : Coti Collins
3rd Alternate : Dorae Saunders
4th Alternate : Dominique Sanchez
Best Production : Stasha Sanchez
Talent Winner : Stasha Sanchez
Solo Talent Winner : Coti Collins
Evening Gown Winner : Stasha Sanchez
Interview Winner : Coti Collins

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Zelmo said...

Stasha is a better representative of beauty, intellegence, talent, sensitivity...than Carrie Prejean(former Miss California) and hopefully some day an "hermosa" like Stasha will not need to put the words Miss Gay in her title...simply Miss America. As people we need to get over our prejudices and just give the crown to the most beautiful person.