Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miss Gay USofA 2009

Miss Gay USofA 2008 Kara Young Ross
Competition will get underway at the Miss Gay USofA 2009 pageant in Dallas Texas today. The contestants are divided into six groups. There are three days of preliminary competition. Here is a breakdown of what each group will be competing in each day.
Groups 1 & 2
Tuesday Interviews
Wed Gown
Thurs Talent
Group 3 & 4
Tuesday Talent
Wed Interviews
Thurs Gown
Group 5 & 6
Tuesday Gown
Wed Talent
Thurs Interview
The finals will be held on Friday. They will announce a top 10 or 12 and those contestants will then compete in gown and talent again.
There were 40 contestants that showed for registration :
Group 1
1. Mya Mokka Iman
2. Mya Mckenzie
3. Summer Knight
4. Celeste Starr
5. Bryanna Banks
6. Cyren Paris
7. Tiffany Richards
Group 2
8. Taryn Taylor
9. Amaya Mann
10. Aliyah Kiarra Dumure
11. Paige Passion
12. Brooke Divine
13. Montana Michaels
14. Mia Dumarr
Group 3
15. Feleasha Savage
16. Naomi St James
17. Dorae Saunders
18. Londenn Raine
19. Dominique Cass
20. Dominique Sanchez
21. Sahara Davenport
Group 4
22. Ally Lenee
23. Tanisha Foxx
24. Phoenix O'hara
25. Coti Collins
26. Tabbi Katt
27. Teonia Steele
28. Stasha Sanchez
Group 5
29. Natasha Braxton
30. Leyla Edwards O'hara
31. Josephine Andrews
32. Alina Maletti
33. Chanel Cavalier
34. Strawbella Be A Goddess
35. Sasha Andrews
Group 6
36. Danielle DeLong
37. Tiffany Rachels
38. Holly Lulah
39. Angel Cavalli
40. Christina Saxton

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e jerry said...

I have to express a wee tiny bit of disappointment. The first part because I'm so damned old; all the girls I have seen in person are now competing in the Classic systems (hell, I'm over forty myself, but I'm used to seeing Victoria West, Whitney Paige, CoCo -- R.I.P., Shae Shae La Reese, Victoria Lace, Roxy Marquis, Tandi and Erica Andrews and other girls of that era).

More disappointing to me, though, is remembering that the first or second year I went to see USofA after Dallas was established as the seemingly permanent host city with the Village Station serving as the host club, there were seventy-two girls competing for the title.