Monday, May 18, 2009

Miss Gay USofA Classic 2009

Miss Gay USofA Classic 2008 Shae Shae LaReese
The 2009 Miss Gay USofA Classic pageant is underway in Dallas, Texas. Last night was the preliminary night competition. Tonight is the finals.
They had 16 contestants compete.
1. Kofi -Texas
2. Regina Gazelle -Arizona
3. S Suzie S -Wisconsin
4. Blanche Dubois - Illinois
5. Jewel Holliday - Georgia
6. Amber Nixx - Texas
7. Camille La Moure Paige - Texas
8. Christina Chase - Wisconsin
9. Penny Holliday - Florida
10. Sharde Ross - Florida
11. Lawanda Jackson - Texas
12. Reva Iman Black - Georgia
13. Nicole Dubois - Mississippi
14. Alexis LaRue - Arkansas
15. Dina Jacobs - Hawaii
16. Christiana Sinclair - Florida
Tonight the have gone down to a top 12. The top 12 will compete in evening gown and talent. The interview score carries over.
The Top 12 Finalists :
Camille LaMour Paige
Sharde Ross
Christiana St. Clair
Jewel Holliday
Dina Jacobs
Penny Holiday
Christina Chase
Alexis Larue
Lawanda Jackson
Amber Nixx
Nicole Dubois
Preliminary Awards:
Best Finishing Non-Finalist: Regina Gazelle
Hospitality Award: Missouri
Best Regional: North Classic
Best State Prelim: Arizona
Promoter of the Year: Bob Taylor
Prelim of the year: Sin City
Distinquished Service: Georgia Classic

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