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Yara Sofia

Yara Sofia
4th Place Finish On RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3

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Miss Continental 2002

Drag Flashback ~~~~~

Miss Continental 2001 Candis Cayne , Miss Continental 2002 Yoshiko Oshiro , Miss Continental Plus 2002 Chevelle Brooks

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards Dethroned

Miss Gay America 2010 Coco Montrese

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards (Dethroned)

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards has been dethroned by the owners of the Miss Gay America pageant system. 1st Alternate Coco Montrese has been appointed to the title and will be formally crowned at a function in February.
Although the exact reasons have not been released, it is being reported that the owners of Miss Gay America were not happy that Alyssa went to CA recently to judge the Miss CA EOY pageant and did not get permission from the Miss Gay America organization. All bookings for Miss Gay America must go through the owners. Alyssa felt that she was there only as Alyssa and not as Miss Gay America. She was there only as a judge and did not entertain. We believe that there are other reasons as well and we have heard that two former Miss Gay Americas had complained to the Miss Gay America owners about Alyssa's behavior. Once we have more information, we will let you know.
Alyssa is a former Miss Gay USofA.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards
1st Alternate : Coco Montrese
2nd Alternate : Jessica Jade
3rd Alternate : Sally Sparkles
4th Alternate : Kristina Kelly
Category Award Winners :
Interview Winner : Coco Montrese
Solo Talent Winner : Alyssa Edwards
Q&A Winner : Symphony Alexander-Love
Evening Gown Winner : Sally Sparkles
Talent Winner : Alyssa Edwards

Miss Black Universe 2010

Miss Black Universe 2009 Tyra Lynn Foxx
The finals of the 2010 Miss Black Universe pageant are being held tonight in Atlanta.
The top 12 finalists are :
Preliminary Night Winners :
Evening Gown Winner : Sheena Devine
Talent Winner : Gia Tajoure & Sheena Devine
Sportswear Winner : Dominique Dunoire
Top 5 :
Sheena Devine
Deisha Richards
Yosmien Campbell Star
Tanisha Cassidine
Monica Ova King

Miss Gay America 2010

Miss Gay America 2009 Victoria DePaula

The finals of the Miss Gay America 2010 pageant is now underway in St. Louis.

The Top 10 has been announced. They are :
#08 Alyssa Edwards
#09 Tajma Stetson
#11 Tatiyanna Voche'
#15 CoCo Montrese
#21 Symphony Alexander-Love
#24 Jessica Jade
#29 Kristina Kelly
#38 China Collins
#46 Monica Moore
#50 Sally Sparkles
They have just finished evening gown.
.......They are almost done with talent. Kristina Kelly just finished. She got a standing ovation. Alyssa Edwards did "I wanna be a Rockette" for talent. She also recived a standing ovation. Coco and Jessica are also doing well tonight....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miss International Queen 2009 Evening Gown Competition

Miss International Queen 2009 Haruna Ai (Japan)

Miss International Queen 2009 Haruna Ai of Japan (C), flanked by first runner-up Kangsadal Wongdusadeekul of Thailand (R) and second runner-up Daniela Marques of Brazil. She was crowned during the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in Pattaya, southeastern Thailand late on October 31, 2009. The Miss International Queen Pageant is aimed at the promotion of tolerance and positive attitude towards transsexuals and transvestites.

Haruna Ai, 37, beat off stiff competition from 20 other glamorous contestants at the Miss International Queen 2009 who came to the Thai beach resort of Pattaya from as far as Brazil and the United States.
'I am very, very, very happy,' a tearful Miss Ai told AFP minutes after the previous title holder carefully placed a faux-diamond tiara on her head. 'I want contests like this to show everyone that they should love each other and live freely. The way of life in Japan is more traditional and transsexuals cannot live freely, but in Thailand they can do what they want.'
The contest, which was called off last year because of political turmoil in Thailand, is taken just as seriously as more traditional pageants in a nation famed for its sexual tolerance.
The first round saw them in kitschy national dress, with a US contestant resplendent in a feathered native American costume and a British entrant donning a Beefeater outfit with black satin leggings and Busby hat. The lights then sank low as the contestants paraded elegant evening gowns and later modelled pink swimsuits, while giant fluorescent kites soared over the stage.
Japan's Miss Ai won US$10,000 (S$14,005), a year's stay at a Pattaya hotel and a US$500 surgical voucher after judges picked her over runners-up Karngsadal Wongdusadeekul from Thailand and Daniela Marques of Brazil.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss Gay America 2010

The Miss Gay America 2010 pageant is underway tonight in St. Louis. Tonight is the first night of three nights of preliminary competition.

Preliminary competition awards were announced tonight :

Group One
Interview Winner : Coco montrese
Talent Winner : Alyssa Edwards
Solo Talent Winner : Alyssa Edwards
Evening Gown Winner : Alyssa Edwards

Group Two
Interview Winner : Kristina Kelly
Talent Winner : Kristina Kelly
Solo Talent : Jessica Jade
Evening Gown Winner : Jessica Jade

Group Three
Interview Winner : Monica Moore
Talent Winner : Sally Sparkles
Solo Talent Winner : Sally Sparkles
Evening Gown Winner : Sally Sparkles

Congeniality Winner : Stephanie Lane
Door Decoration Winner : Dottie Pepper
Photogenic Winner : TC Taylor

Top 10 contestants will be announced tomorrow night at the finals. Only the interview and solo talent scores are carried over. The top 10 will compete in Talent , Evening Gown and On Stage Question.

They have 50 contestants in the pageant.

Contestant Numbers and Groupings:

Group 1:
#01 Madison LaShay
#02 Chantel Reshae
#03 T.C. Taylor
#04 Adrienne Fischer
#05 Detra Panucci
#06 Nikki Stevens
#07 Elektra Fearce St. James
#08 Alyssa Edwards
#09 Tajma Stetson
#10 Trecenia St. James
#11 Tatiyanna Voche'
#12 Stephanie Lane
#13 Jade Sinclair
#14 Tracey Stephens
#15 Coco Montrese
#16 Zia D'Yor
#17 Dymond-Champagne Calloway
#18 Shantel Mandalay

Group 2:
#19 Erica Foxx
#20 Sasha Leigh Chambers
#21 Symphony Alexander-Love
#22 Aurora Fontaine
#23 Sache' Van Cartier
#24 Jessica Jade
#25 Onyx
#26 Jelitza Fierce
#27 Sue Nami
#28 Karyn Thomas
#29 Kristina Kelly
#30 Anita Cocktail
#31 Tami Tarmac
#32 Brionna Brooks
#33 Mariah Candy
#34 Celebrity Starr
#35 Natasha Styles

Group 3:
#36 Chi Chi Ray Colby
#37 Pat McCooter
#38 China Collins
#39 Dottie Pepper
#40 Deja Brooks
#41 Sparkle Iman
#42 Kate Spade
#43 Bambi Bextor
#44 Samantha West
#45 Christina Saxton
#46 Monica Moore
#47 Tisha Towers
#48 Adria Andrews
#49 Annastacia Beaverhousen
#50 Sally Sparkles

Wednesday-October 28, 2009
Preliminary Competition-Day ONE
Evening Gown- Group 1
Solo Talent- Group 1
Male Interview- Group 3
Talent- Group 2

Thursday-October 29, 2009
Preliminary Competition-Day TWO
Evening Gown- Group 2
Solo Talent- Group 2
Male Interview- Group 1
Talent- Group 3

Friday-October 30, 2009
Preliminary Competition-Day THREE
Evening Gown- Group 3
Solo Talent- Group 3
Male Interview- Group 2
Talent- Group 1

Saturday- October 31, 2009
Miss Gay America Revue Show

Sunday - November 1, 2009
Miss Gay America 2010 Final Night

Friday, September 11, 2009


We will never forget the victims of 9/11
Each year on the anniversary, a tribute in lights is held on the spot where the twin towers stood.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss Continental 2010 Armani

Miss Continental 2009/2010 Armani

1st Alternate : Mokha Montrese

2nd Alternate : Naysha Lopez

Miss Continental 2010 Top 5

Aurora Sexton, Armani, Naysha Lopez, Kim Moore & Mokha Montrese