Friday, January 22, 2010

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards Dethroned

Miss Gay America 2010 Coco Montrese

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards (Dethroned)

Miss Gay America 2010 Alyssa Edwards has been dethroned by the owners of the Miss Gay America pageant system. 1st Alternate Coco Montrese has been appointed to the title and will be formally crowned at a function in February.
Although the exact reasons have not been released, it is being reported that the owners of Miss Gay America were not happy that Alyssa went to CA recently to judge the Miss CA EOY pageant and did not get permission from the Miss Gay America organization. All bookings for Miss Gay America must go through the owners. Alyssa felt that she was there only as Alyssa and not as Miss Gay America. She was there only as a judge and did not entertain. We believe that there are other reasons as well and we have heard that two former Miss Gay Americas had complained to the Miss Gay America owners about Alyssa's behavior. Once we have more information, we will let you know.
Alyssa is a former Miss Gay USofA.