Friday, September 11, 2009


We will never forget the victims of 9/11
Each year on the anniversary, a tribute in lights is held on the spot where the twin towers stood.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss Continental 2010 Armani

Miss Continental 2009/2010 Armani

1st Alternate : Mokha Montrese

2nd Alternate : Naysha Lopez

Miss Continental 2010 Top 5

Aurora Sexton, Armani, Naysha Lopez, Kim Moore & Mokha Montrese

Miss Continental 2010 Final Night

Updates starting soon......
Theme of opening number is Broadway...
Formers; Tasha Long , Tommie Ross, Lakesha, Victoria, Michelle, Dana Douglas, Erica Andrews, Mimi Marks, Monica Munro, Cezanne, Erika Norell, Dominique, Danielle, Kelly, Maya Douglas, Chanel Dupree, Chilli Pepper and Tulsi...
Top 12 will be announced soon . I thought they were only going to do a top 10, so I will add to my list (which is below on one of the other posts) Jazelle and Tiffany Hunter...
Preliminary Night Winners :
Interview : Armani
Swimsuit : Naysha
Gown : Sunny
Talent : Mokha
Top 13 :
Naysha Lopez
Alyssa Edwards
Tiffany McCray
Kim Moore
Tiffany Hunter
Aurora Sexton
Shantel D Marco
Rachel Michaels
I had picked a top 12 instead of 13. The only person that I picked that did not make it was Janet Andrews. She should have been in. I think Kourtney got the last spot above her.
The top 13 will compete in gown, swimwear and talent. The only score that is carried over from preliminary night is interview (won by Armani). The top 5 will also compete in on stage question and answer.
Swimsuit :
Mokha : white swimsuit w/ rhinestone accents
Jazelle : black w/ simple black acessories
Kourtney : preliminary night swimsuit
Kim Moore : leopard with leopard in ponytail
Sunny : black and gold...pure fish
Alyssa : leopard with gold
Naysha : black suit..ripped away to reveal a nude pink stoned so far
Shantel : red leopard w/ sleeves..perfect fit
Rachel : same as prelim w/ huge brimmed hat
Tiffany McCray : navy blue with gold...looks great...
Tiffany Hunter : blue floral with wrap
Armani : black very revealing suit with stone buckles
Aurora Sexton : orange sun design swimsuit
Best in swimsuit should be : Naysha, Mokha, Sunny and Armani
Carmella Marcella Garcia is the MC tonight
Former Miss Continental Monica Munro is performing
Talent about to start :
Mokha : same talent as preliminary night / on pointe ballet, five female and one male backup dancers
Jazelle : rhythm of love scat talent..working it out
Kourtney : Dolly Parton live talent
Kim Moore : Cats broadway talent..ten backup dancers...very good.standing ovation.. she should make top 5. She is one of my picks to win it all. The other is Naysha.
Sunny : sunshine mix from preliminary night
Alyssa Edwards : work me down dance talent. She should make top 5.
Naysha : same as prelim talent / rock with you robot like talent came out of a spaceship. She should make top 5.
Shantel : same talent as preliminary was ok
Rachel Michaels : same as preliminary night / shirley bassey and joan
Tiffany McCray : Lucy Vita-vega talent same as prelim night. clean talent.
Tiffany Hunter : steam heat / same as preliminary night
Armani : Michael Jackson talent, she has the look down !
Aurora Sexton : same as preliminary night / showgirls talent.She should make top 5.
Gown will decide who moves into the top five for several contestants on the fence. I think Mokha, Naysha, Kim Moore and Aurora should be in top 5 after talent. Armani, Alyssa and Jazelle are very close together for the last spot. Gown will decide.
They are on a break now, gown will be coming soon...
Mokha : Orange w/ rhinestone strips / floral side panel / Gustavo
Jazelle : Aqua almost solid AB gown.beautiful hair. she may knock someone out of the top 5.
Kourtney : Black AB gown. Hair not her best.
Kim Moore : rainbow and black shiny gown / black arm draping.beautiful. top 5
Sunny : pink and purple stripped / trumpet bottom / Gustavo
Alyssa : pink fabric / stoned gown w/ rouging..beautiful
Naysha : preliminary pink ruffle gown .tore away top half
Shantel : black lace w/ spider web bodice
Rachel : black prelim gown ..stone bodice w/ ruffle skirt..she tripped a little
Tiffany McCray : light pink silk gown..stoned top
Tiffany Hunter : blue with black lace..ruffles on the back
Armani : shiny, purple stoned / floral ruffles
Aurora : green and gold...sold 5
Thats it for gown....
My picks for top 5 : Mokha, Kim Moore, Naysha, Armani, Aurora (the same I picked yesterday :)
Top 5 soon to be announced. Top 5 will do on stage question and answer....
Kim Moore
YES, I picked all 5 correct...
Final Question is "What is one virtue you hold and how does it guide you?"
Mokha : stumbled thru answer, talked about hard work and 110% with Continental
Kim Moore : Interpretor messed up. This should not be held against her.
Naysha : doesn't know what virtue is, being positive.
Armani : live every day like its your last. the title should be hers
Aurora : Believe in ones self.
Pageant over...decision soon...
I don't know which way the judges will go. Armani's talent was ok, not great. Mokha did great, but she was first out in each category. First contestants to be judged usually are scored lower and the scores go up as the remainder of contestants are judged.
I will say the judges will go : Winner : Mokha and 1st Armani
I would go : winner Naysha 1st Mokha
2nd RU : Naysha Lopez
1st RU : Mokha Montrese
Winner : Armani

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Miss Continental Contestants

Aurora Sexton

Shantell D Marco

Kim Moore

Kim Moore

Mokha Montrese

Alyssa Edwards

Naysha Lopez

Naysha Lopez

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miss Continental 2009/2010

The Miss Continnetal pageant will get underway tomorrow with preliminary competition.
There are 25 contestants. Some big names who I thought would make top 5 have dropped out. They include Lady Angelica, Melania Cortez (top 5 last year) and Lorna Vando.
So far, I have the following contestant numbers :
#2 Mokha
#22 Tiffany McCray
#23 Tiffany T. Hunter
#24 Armani
#25 Aurora Sexton
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Preliminary night has started :
Evening Gown
Aspen Love : Pink draped fabric gown with silk ribbons, very slow modeling
Mokha Montrese : blue stoned gown ruffeled bottom
Jazelle : Green beaded stoned gown
Courtney Black AB gown
Monique : yellow ruffled fabric gown
Kim Moore : Gold and blue print gown...beautiful
Raquel Ross : Moss gren gown..not the best choice
Mirage Love : Champagne solid beaded gown..great modeling
Sunny : Blue fabirc stoned gown..looks like she was floating across stage..the crowd lived for her
Alyssa Edwards : Huge purple ruffled ball gown..had trouble walking..
Batty Davis : Lavender gown trumpet bottom...
Paula Rios : Emerald trumpet ruffle bottom..very beautiful
Swimwear :
Aspen Love : plain black ..simple accessories
Mokha : Blue silk..rhinestone accents
Jazelle : Black problems
Courtney : Black suit...served it...
Monique : Aqua suit with shoulder accessory
Kim Moore : Black one so far...body, body, body...
Raquael : black suit w/ ribbon
Mirage : white with black stripes
Sunny : Grey suit with lace middle...great modeling
Alyssa : Black suit..looked a bit large..
Batty : leopard
Paula : pink white checkered
Talent :
Aspen : sang live
Mokha : dance on pointe..six dancers..standing ovation
Jazelle : scat talent.perfect lip synch..second standing ovation
Kourtney : Heart belongs to daddy...not the best from Kourtney
Monique Green : In Living Color / Whitney cocaine number..doesn't know all the words
Kim Moore : Latin dance number..five backup synch..she looked awesome..(she should make top 10 easily)
Raqueal : solo talent..sunset blvd..
Mirage Love : school teacher talent/when I grow up..five backup dancers...
Sunny : four backup dancers..let the sunshine in..mixed different songs
Alyssa : acting male dancer...ballet dancing talent...celine 'then you look at me'..lots of lifts..very good
Batty : I want more into Big Time
Paula : Mexican sombrero talent..she left the stage for like the last two minutes of the talent..she has a rope twirler who is twirling a rope around stage around her..she is just kinda hopping in is coming thru the speakers very bad...poor talent.
Former Miss Continentals entertainment..
Dana Douglas, Lakesha Lucky, Chanel Dupree
Group 2
Armani : liquid beaded black and crystal gown like continental logo..came out with logo in front of her on panel..
Aurora Sexton : royal purple and lavender gown...
Minx : Deep purple / black gown
Nyasha Lopez : Pink ruffle gown...long train..Christian Dior gown of night
Jennifer H. : beautiful orange gown..trained ripped away to a stoned gown...
Bianca Balenciaga : floral
Olivia Knowles : black rouged gown..crystal stone accents
Janet Andrews : black fitted gown..crystal stones...
Shantel DeMarco : gold leopard gown..big hair
Rachel Michaels : black gown
Tiffany McCray : agua gown..fits well...
Tiffany Hunter : Nina DeAngelos preliminary gown from another pageant..beautiful
Armani Stevens :
Swimwear next...
Minx : black with flower
Nyasha : black with huge stones..worked it..standing ovation..
Jennifer : white with circle sutouts..
Bianaca : black with crystal belt
Olivia : black / blue checkered
Janet : black one piece square cut
Rachael : red with matching hat
Tiffany McCray : black with see thru middle panel
Tiffany Hunter : blue/purple floral with wrap..
Armani Stevens : white with w/ aqua accessories
Aurora : aqua and brown with slashed texture
Talent next....
Minx : Bollywood talent..not bad
Naysha : rock with you / janet jackson talent in her group so far..she is among 4 that I think could win it all...
Jennifer : tribal drum talent...feathers for days....
Bianca : diamonds are forever
Olivia : Pocahontas talent
Janet : Beyonce mix talent
Shantel : acrobatic / vogue / techno dance mix
Racheal Michaels : Shirley Bassey / Joan Crawford mix
Tiffany McCray : Lucille Ball vita-vegamin talent
Tiffany Hunter : Steam heat six backup dancers
Armani : happy feet penguin talent
Armani Stevens :
Aurora Sexton : nine backup dancers flying on and off stage / on top of the world..great talent
Monday night is the finals. I think there will be a top 10. Some contestants change up their gowns and talents for final night.
Here is my picks for the top 10 based just on preliminary night :
Mohka, Alyssa Edwards, Aurora Sexton, Tiffany McCray, Naysha Lopez, Armani, Shantel DeMarco, Kim Moore, Sunny & Janet Andrews
My top 5 picks (unless something big happens during final night competition) would be :
Mohka, Naysha Lopez, Armani, Kim Moore & Aurora Sexton
I think the final winner will be between Naysha and Kim Moore.

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