Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand "He Touched Me"

Camp Queen Of The Week

Our first Camp Queen of the Week is the awesome Varla Jean Merman.

She was recently on Bravo's 'Project Runway' for the drag queen challenge.

Visit her great website to find out more about this great entertainer.

Varla Jean Merman 'Dark Lady'

Varla Jean Merman 'Jew Don't Know My Name'


Our Diva of the Week is Melania.

I first meet Melania a few years ago at the Miss North Carolina USofA pageant, where she placed as 1st Alternate. She is such a sweet person.

Last year was her first time at Miss Continental. She won preliminary evening gown and made the top 10.

She also competed at Miss International Queen in Thailand. She made the top 10 and won Most Beautiful.

Miss Continental 2009 Preliminary Night

Miss Continental 1999 Tommie Ross

Miss Continental 1991 Amber Richards

Miss Continental 1986 Tandi Andrews

Here is the first update :

Tulsi :
Talent - 'I Wanna Be A Rockette' from the Broadway play 'A Chorus Line'. She had back up dancers as the Rockettes. I have always thought that this would be a great talent to do.

Nysha Lopez :
Swimsuit : Very fish
Talent : Wizard of Oz then went into Fashionista. I think Fashionista has been overdone in pageants.

Sasha Colby:
Talent : Did a dance number. Very good. She has been one of the best contestants tonight. She should make top 10.

Tamisha Iman :
Talent : She did 'Mr. Melody'. It has been reported that it was ok. Tamisha is a former Miss Gay USofA

Amy Demilo:
Talent : 'Gypsey Rose Lee'. Amy's performance tonight has been ok, nothing great.

Chantel Demarco :
She has done very good tonight. She should make top 10.


Jasmine Bonet :

Evening Gown : Solid red fabric beaded gown

Swimsuit : Basic black. Jasmine usually does very well in swimsuit.

Talent : Diana Ross mix. Screen on stage has photos of Jasmine from her years at Miss Continental. Necole Luv Dupree did a Diana Ross & The Supremes talent last year and won. I am not sure how the judges may view such a similar talent. Who knows ?

Competiton is still going on, but here are my picks for Top 10 tomorrow :

Jasmine Bonet

Sasha Colby


Tamisha Iman

Kathryn Cole

Amy Demilo

Naysha Lopez

Titiana Braxton

Michelle Fighter

Kylie Crawford

This is just my guess. There could be a surpirse or two.

The pageant is being held at Park West in Chicago, Illinois. Miss Continental has one preliminary night, which is tonight. Tomorrow night will be the final night when the top 10 is announced. The final night pageant is supposed to start at 8 pm. CST.

Miss Continental 2009 Contestants

Here are a few photos of some of the contestants for Miss Continental 2009.

Mokha Montrese

Sasha Andrews

Tatianna Braxton

Tamisha Iman

Naysha Lopez

Madison Elise

Amy Demilo

Jasmine Bonet


Karen Covergirl

I will be adding more photos......

Miss Continental 2009 Contestant List

Miss Continental 2008 Necole Luv Dupree

Here is the list of contestants for the Miss Continental 2009 pageant, which starts tonight :

Titiana Braxton

Jade Foxx

Krista Versace

Champange Berdaux

Michelle Fighter

Naysha Lopez

Shantell D'marco

Adriana Fuentez

Lady Anjelica

Mohka Montrese


Amy Demilo

Kathryn Cole



Paola Cruz

Lila Star

Misha Mahon

Kelly Kline

Sofanda Cox

Montana Michaels

Kyli Crawford

Tamisha Iman


Ebony Sherry

Thalia Lopez

Aspen Love


Sasha Andrews

Madison Elise

Karen Covergirl

Sasha Colby

Jasmine Bonet

(We will have an official list later today. Some contestants may not have showed)

Ultra Nate 'Twisted'

Check Ultra Naté's newest single/video "Twisted" from "Alchemy: G.S.T. Reloaded" - making it's "Original, Uncensored" world premiere here at DragShowcase Blog. A third such collaboration between Ultra and director Karl Giant, it's sure to have people goin' round and round for Ultra's "Twisted" sounds. Karl Giant's make-up, photography, and video direction...there's nothing like it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA at Large 2008

Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA at Large is being held tonight.

They have three contestants :

01 Danielle Avalon

02 Betty Boop

03 Tempest Heat

Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA at Large 2007 Arneisha St. James will be giving up her title.
Miss Wisconsin USofA at Large 2008 Temptest Heat (250 pts.)
1st Alternate : Danielle Avalon (242 pts.)
2nd Alternate : Betty Boop (225 pts.)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miss Continental 2008-09 Pageant

The 2008 -09 Miss Continental pageant begins this weekend in Chicago. Miss Continental 2008 Necole Luv Dupree will be giving up her title.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nell Carter, Bea Arthur, Barbara Eden

This was a television special on NBC in the eighties. It was a celebration of NBC's 60th anniversary. What a great group of talent : Nell Carter, Charlotte Rae, Bea Arthur. Marla Gibbs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Girls Gone Wild

Two former Miss Gay America's have now been banned by the Miss Gay American Organization for their conduct at the Miss Gay North Carolina America pageant, which was held this past weekend in Charlotte, NC.

Miss Gay America 1986 Lauren Colby and Miss Gay America 1996 Kerri Nichols will not be allowed at attend, entertain or judge any Miss Gay America prelims for at least one year.

It is believed that they engaged in way to many 'party favors' and made a fool of themselves at the pageant.

Girls it is way past time to grow up.

Monday, August 25, 2008

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We are working on our main site and will have it back up soon.
We will let you know when it is back.
Thanks for all your support !
Have A Great Drag Day !

Miss Continental Plus 2008 Mercedes
Miss Comedy Queen 2008

The Contestants For Miss Comedy Queen

2nd Alternate Alexandria Martin, Miss Comedy Queen 2008 Vitzi Vahnu, 1st Alternate The Minx

The Miss Comedy Queen pageant was held August 18, 2008 at the Parliament House in Orlando, Florida.

The contestants were :
01 Brianna Lee
02 Diana Diamond
03 Jessica James
04 Alexandria Martin
05 The Minx
06 Vitzi Vahnu
07 Bridgette Galore

Entertainment By:
April Fresh
Roseanne DeShanaro
Daphne Ferraro
Addison Taylor
Gidget Galore
Miss Sammy
Carol Lee

Winner - Vitzi Vahnu
1st Alternate - The Minx
2nd Alternate - Alexandria Martin

Pageant Recap Top 3 :

Presentation: "Out of the Toy Box"
* Vitzi (who is openly Jewish, lol) came out in gold roller skates dressed as a big blue dreidel
* The Minx drove out in a Barbie Dream car Power Wheels
* Alexandria Martin was a spin off of the "Betsy Wetsy" and "Chatty Kathy" doll... the "Alexandria Martin Fartin" doll

Swim Suit:
* Vitzi came out and did a little skit as a typical old jewish woman in Boca. Big hat, glasses, gold and leopard print with sequin swimsuit... she kept schleping things on stage and was gossiping about people... VERY FUNNY
* The Minx had a video of her in a swimming pool doing synchronized swimming a la Esther Williams. The video screen came up and she was in a kiddie pool and did a synch routhine on stage.
* Alexandria looked SICK in a black swimsuit with yellow lane lines on it, with a ponytail down past her :censored:.... 2 boys had signs that said dangerous curves ahead and slippery when wet, and the "highway" she had on stage was then watered down and used as a slip n slide... funny.

* Vitzi rewrote the lyrics to "Popular" from Wicked and satirized Darcel Stevens, Armani, the owners of the pageant and owners of the bar.... VERY FUNNY
* The Minx did Mommie Dearest meets ABBA in a cream mask with backup dancers all in cream masks and with wire hangers, and she kept beating the hell out of little Christina!
* Alexandria did a whole Miss Piggy talent and ended with everyone "snacksercizing"

* Vitzi had a gown made out of bagels and had a tub of cream cheese in her updo. As she modeled, she took a bagel off the gown, put cream cheese on it and ate it.
* The Minx was the chandeleir from Phantom of the Opera. As she modeled, someone came and pulgged an extension cord into her hair and it lit up. The part in the music where the chandeleir crashes, she fell. FUNNY
* Alexandria had a gown made of koosh balls. All the koosh balls lit up. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Sumer Olympics Closing Ceremony

The 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing , China have come to a close.

Here are some photos from the closing ceremony.

Miss North Carolina America 2008

The Miss North Carolina America pageant is underway tonight in Charlotte, NC at Scorpio's nightclub.

They have 6 contestants tonight :

01 Victoria Parker

02 Shana Nicole

03 Erika Diamond

04Ericka LaShea

05 Amanda Blake

06 Angela Lopez

We will keep you updated....Good Luck Ladies & Welcome Back Miss North Carolina !
Update : Victoria Parker did 'Love In Any Language' for talent. (Is this like the 100th time she has done this talent for a pageant. I remember her doing this when I lived in NC over 10 years ago ! LOL)
Update : Winner : Miss Gay North Carolina America 2008 Victoria Parker.....1st Alternate Shana Nicole
1. Erica Diamond
2. Shana Nicole
3. Amanda Blake
4. Victoria Parker
5. Angela Lopez
6. Erica LaReese
On Stage Question: Victoria and the rest were really unmentionable.
Evening Gown Recap :
#2 Shana Nicole's gown was a watermelon color with a collar.
#3 Amanda's gown was lovely, but cat tails do not go over very well in the America system.
#4 Victoria's gown was yes the same she wore at America last year. The fit was not good as well as she had some makeup issues tonight.
#5 Angela's gown was a lovely gown.
Talent Recap :
#2 Best Little Whore House and Shana had a breast plate of Dolly Death. Nice job!
#3. Cotton Club medly. Started out very good, then it just kinda got lost. The moves were good, but the energy died.
#4 Dreamgirls. It was what it was. The coat did come apart early and the fit was not good when she removed the coat.
#5. Beyonce, very dirty as in not clean.

Olympics Beefcake Part 1

The Olympics have come to an end, but we have memories of the greatest gathering of hot men in the world.

Enjoy !

Miss Gay Iowa USofA at Large 2008

Miss Gay Iowa USofA at Large was held on August 2, 2008 at Jones Street Station Nightclub in Sioux City, Iowa.

They had 3 contestants :

01 Martina Shakers (for talent did "ress is my strongest suite")
02 Mia Adams (did eartha kitt for talent )
03 Elizabeth Raines (did a great dance mix talent )

Winner : Martina Shakers
1st Alternate : Mia Adams
2nd Alternate : Elizabeth Raines

Martina Shakers won Interview & Talent

All three contestants will be going on to nationals.