Friday, October 31, 2008

Yanko Salazar Mr. Hotlanta 2000

A memorial service for Yanko Yuri Salazar took place at Steel nightclub on Wednesday, October 29. Salazar passed away October 15. He was 38 years old.

Yanko was chosen as the first “Mr. Fort Lauderdale Gay Pride” in 2000 and went on to win the national “Mr. Hotlanta” contest later that year. After winning “Hotlanta,” Yanko became a leader of the South Florida community, representing many non-profit organizations and charitable causes, and widely recognized as the spokesmodel for the annual “Mad Hatter’s Ball” and “Red Ball” advertisements. His memorial service was well attended by many of the community leaders, businessmen, his friends and family. Speaking at the memorial service were Terry DeCarlo, Bill Huelsman, his best friend, Michael Cruz and his mother, Gloria Salazar.

Rest In Peace

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Features Drag Queen

It is being reported that Beyonce's new music video features one of the choreographers, Jaquel Knight, in drag.

You be the judge.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza

I found these great new fashion photos of Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Miss Shining Star Continental Plus 2009

Miss Shining Star Continental Plus 2008 Coco Van Cartier

Miss Shining Star Continental Plus 2008 was held last night in Chicago.

They had 9 contestants :

1-Sue Diamond
2-Britney Taylor
3-Lola Palooza
4-September Murhpy
5-Coco Van Cartier
6-Farra N Hyte
7-Robin Dupree
8-The Lady Alana
9-Adrianna Fuentes

Interview Winner- September Murphy
Evening Gown- CoCo Van Cartier
Swim Wear- CoCo Van Cartier
Talent- Fara N Height
Q&A- Fara N Height

1st Runner up Fara N Height
Miss Shining Star Continental Plus CoCo Van Cartier

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Memory of Miss America 1954 Evelyn Ay

"Please join me as we bid a fond farewell to one of our most beloved former Miss Americas, Miss America 1954 Evelyn Ay. Evelyn passed away this past weekend, and she will be forever in our hearts.
Evelyn was the last Miss America to be crowned before the televised crownings, representing the end of an era. The daughter of German immigrants, Evelyn resided in Ephrata, Pennsylvania; located in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Upon her crowning, her father announced, "This could happen only in America!" She went on to marry her pre-pageant fiancé, Carl Sempier, raising two daughters, her Great Dane dogs, and two grandchildren.
Over the years, Evelyn has continued to be a great supporter of The Miss America Organization. Of the program she said, "Serving an organization that provides scholastic opportunity to women nationwide validates my long and devoted affiliation." To this day, Evelyn was best known as an enchanting and captivating speaker.
Evelyn was a remarkable Miss America and a dedicated individual - committed to our Organization who has forever touched our hearts. We offer our condolences and prayers to Evelyn’s family at this time of true sorrow."

This was from the Miss America Organization

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miss New Jersey 2009

Miss New Jersey USA 2009 Top 5
I will bring you more info. on this pageat soon....
(I have decided to expand my blog coverage to include mainstream pageants as well as drag pageants.)

Miss Coco Peru

Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Gay America 2009 & Court

(L to R) 1 st Alternate Chantel ReShae, Miss Gay America 2009 Victoria Depaula, 2nd Alternate Coti Collins, 3rd Alternate Alyssa Edwards, 4th Alternate China Collins

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leanne Wins Project Runway Season 5

Catty Kenley Collins may have been the one to bare her claws each week, but in the end, it was the quiet, timid Leanimal who prevailed as Project Runway's top sewer for Season 5.
"It's amazing and I'm so honored," said Leanne Marshall hours before the finale aired Wednesday on Bravo (Leanimal is the name of her clothing line). "When (judge) Heidi (Klum) said my name, I was in shock and it didn't feel real."
Marshall, who was nearly auf-ed in the second episode, triumphed with a collection marked by sculptural, wave-inspired shapes in soothing shades. "Thank God, because I can't even handle it if it was someone else. I'd be so over it," said Season 4 winner Christian Siriano. "I won't say that I think she has the most entertaining personality in the world because she's kind of boring, but hers was by far the most well-made, cohesive, beautiful and interesting collection."
Marshall's comrade Korto Momolu was named runner-up. Collins, who routinely clashed with contestants and judges, took third.
Season 5 was Project Runway's highest rated yet, but the show has hit a snag. Bravo's parent company, NBC Universal, has sued Runway's producer, The Weinstein Company, to block the series' move to Lifetime. (Season 6, shooting now in Los Angeles instead of New York, was scheduled to premiere in January.) A judge granted a temporary injunction, and the suit is unresolved.
The cloudy future has left a bit of a "bad taste in people's mouths," said Molly Goodson, editor of gossip site PopSugar. "Because there's all this controversy surrounding this show that's a lot of fun."
Moreover, despite Collins' occasional conniptions, fans have grumbled that this season the drama was dulled, the talent marginal. Regarding the latter, "I strongly disagree," Marshall, 28, said. "Maybe we didn't always show our best work in the challenges," but "people really, really underestimate how difficult it is."
Difficult especially considering the previous cycle, "when Christian was such a big personality," Goodson said. "All season long it was clearly the Christian Siriano show," and this time around, "there were no huge breakout stars."
"It was a tough season to come after," Siriano said. "We kind of peaked."
Still, the sassy sartorialist's success is "definitely an inspiration" to Marshall, who plans to move from Portland, Ore., to New York, hire a team "so that I don't have to sew 24 hours a day like I do now," and change the name of her label to Leanne Marshall. "I just think Leanimal didn't quite fit my line," she said. "People always asked if I did a lot of animal prints." Like her predecessor, she's hoping to stage a solo show at New York Fashion Week in February.
Which means Marshall needs to put the pedal to the treadle. "It's really scary. She has to get on it now because it's so much work," said Siriano, who met Marshall when he helped critique a challenge. "She was very sweet, very shy. She needs to step it up a little bit or she's going to be eaten alive."
Though the economy will no doubt add another snag, "luckily, so many doors will open up, and once they hear you knocking, they treat you just so differently. That she should look forward to."
Marshall said she's always been about clothing, not charisma. "I am a more quiet and reserved person. I'll say something when I have something good to say, but I'm not going to be loud and obnoxious just to be loud and obnoxious. So I knew I just had to be the strongest designer I could be."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Dream Girl Continental Plus 2008

The Miss Dream Girl Continental Plus 2008 pageant was held on October 13th at the Baton Show Lounge in Chicago.

Miss Dream Girl Continnetal Plus Kofi

They had five contestants :

01 Coco Van Cartier
02 Kofi
03 Christan Valentino
04 Shannon Dupree
05 Terri Demor

Winner : Kofi

1ST Alternate : Coco van Cartier
2ND Alternate : Christian Valentino

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miss Gay America 2009 Victoria DePaula

Miss Gay America 2009 Victoria DePaula
1st Alternate : Chantel ReShae
2nd Alternate : Coti Collins
3rd Alternate : Alyssa Edwards
4th Alternate : China Collins
State Prelim of Year - Maryland
Regional Prelim of Year - DC
Male Interview:
01. Chantel Rashea -718
02.Alyssa Edwards - 686
03.Victoria Depaula- 676
04.Coti Collins-664
05.Melody Michaels-658
06.China Collins-657
07.Coco Montrese-655
08.Alexis Mateo-653
09.Miss D. Meaner-651
10.Tatiyanna Voche- 650
11.Tabbi Katt-644
12.Zia D’Yor -641
12.Victoria Barrea Jaymes-641
12.Jessica Jade-641
12.Adrienne Fischer- 641
16.Sasha Leigh Chambers-639
17.Jade Sinclair-637
18.Tiffany Deveroux-635
20.Kristina Kelley-630
21.Victoria Parker-626
22.Shantel Mandalay-621
22.Stephaine Richards-621
24.Deja Brooks-620
25.Sally Sparkles-619
26.Brittney O’Bryan- 618
27. Sasha Nicole-615
29.Sue Nami-612
29.Alana Steele-612
31.Ivy White-611
31.Symphony Alexander Love-611
33.Hellin Bedd-604
34.Crystal Chambers-594
35.Anita Cocktail-589
36.Karyn Thomas-585
37.Shawn Tyler Andrews-582
37.Sierra Spaulding-582
39.Vicki Dominatrix- 578
40.Domiana Dupree St James-577
41.Sierra Leone-572
41.Mya Alexander- 572
43.Sparkle Iman-569
44.Anastasia Davenport-556
45.Jessica Deveraux-555
46.Lady Jade-554
47.Stephaine Lane-543
48.Jelitza Fearce-533
Solo Talent
01. Coti Collins- 460
02. Victoria Depaula-453
03. Alyssa Edwards-444
04. Chantel Reshae-439
05. Stepahine Richards-436
06. Miss D. Meaner-431
07. China Collins-423
08. Alexis Mateo-421
08. Sue Nami-421
10. Crystal Chambers-419
11. Victoria Parker-418
11. Domiana Dupree St James-418
13. Jessica Jade-416
14. Sparkle Iman-413
15. Ivy White-412
16. Coco Montrese-411
17. Adrienne Fischer-395
17. Alana Steele-395
19. Jade Sinclair-394
20. Tatianna Voche-392
21. Tabbi Katt-387
22. Karyn Thomas-383
23. Sasha Nicole-381
24. Melody Michaels-380
24. Sally Sparkles-380
26. Sierra Spaulding-377
26. Smyphony Alexander Love-377
28. Shantel Mandalay-374
29. Anastasia Davneport-372
30. Tiffany Devereaux- 371
31. Kristina Kelley-370
32. Sache’-360
32. Jessica Deveroux-360
34. Mya Alexander-357
35. Brittney O’bryan-356
36. Victoria Bareera James-353
37. Shawn Tyler Andrews-352
38. Deja Brooks-350
39. Dottie-346
40. Hellin Bedd-336
41. Jelitza Fearce-334
42. Anita Cocktail-315
43. Lady Jade-309
44. Zia D’Yor-308
45. Sierra Leone-302
46. Stephanie Lane- 299
47. Sasha Leigh Chambers- 291
48. Vicky Dominatrix-262

Miss Gay America 2009 Final Night

Miss Gay America 2009 Final Night Category Winners :
Interview Winner : Chantel ReShae
Solo Talent : Coti Collins
Question & Answer : Chantel ReShae
Evening Gown : Alyssa Edwards
Talent Winner : Tatiyanna Voche'
Miss Gay America 2009 Top 10
01 Alyssa Edwards

02 Chantel ReShae

03 Coti Collins

04 Victoria DePaula

05 Sue Nami

06 Alana Steele

07 China Collins

08 Tatiyanna Voche'

09 Jade Sinclair

10 Jessica Jade


I am sort of surprised Ivy White did not make top 10. Very surprised Alexis Mateo did not. She should have been in. Sally Sparkles was a breath of fresh air in this pageant. She should have been in above some that brought the same old tired package year after year. Victoria Parker did not bring her A game. Why go to a national pageant just to walk thru it. It seemed like she barely tried.

In the Miss Gay America system, preliminary scores for interview and solo talent are carried over into the final night competition.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Gay America 2009 Preliminary Awards

Miss Gay America 2008 Mikaila Kay
They are giving out preliminary category awards tonight during the Miss Gay America formers show.
Interview Winners :
Group 1 Chantel Reshae
Group 2 Victoria Depaula
Group 3 Melody Michaels
Solo TalentWinners :
Group 1 Alyssa Edwards
Group 2 Coti Colins
Group 3 Stephanie Richards
Talent Winners :
Group 1 Alyssa Edwards
Group 2 Tatian Voche
Group 3 Jade Sinclair
Evening Gown Winners :
Group 1 Alyssa Edwards
Group 2 Victoria Depaula
Group 3 Sally Sparkles
Photogenic Winner :
Coco Montrese
Door Decorating Contest Winner :
Sally Sparkles
Promoters Hospitality Winners :
DC America
Ohio America
The finals are Sunday night where they will announce the top 10.

Miss Texas USofA at Large 2009

Miss Texas USofA at Large 2009 Cassandra Paige Jones

Cassandra received a perfect score in interview

3rd Alternate Nadine Hughes

*4th Runner Up - Kelly Kline (representing Miss Austin USofA At Large)
*3rd Runner Up - Nadine Hughes (representing Miss South Texas USofA At Large)
*2nd Runner Up - Yesenia St James (representing Miss Houston USofA At Large)*1st Runner Up - Samantha DeSante (representing Miss Austin USofA At Large)
(representing Miss San Angelo USofA At Large)
*Evening Gown - Michelle Pfiffer(Representing Miss San Antonio TX USofA at Large)
*Interview - Cassandra Paige Jones(Representing Miss San Angelo USofA At Large)
*Talent - Samantha DeSante(Representing Miss Austin USofA At Large)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Americas Next Top Model Episode 7








Lauren Brie (eliminated)

A Look Back At Drag

Here are some great photos of drag queens from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drag Flashback


Miss Gay America 2009 Contestant Photos

Ivy White
Tabi Katt

China Collins

Alyssa Edwards

Coti Collins

Victoria Parker

Coco Montrese

Alexis Mateo

Victoria DePaula

Here are a few photos of some of the contestants at the Miss Gay America 2009 pageant. I will be adding more.